Super Steamer Specializes in Floor Repair

What kind of flooring repair do we do? We are glad you asked!

We know that your floors are one of the top 3 largest investments in your home. So we want to make sure they look wonderful for as long as possible. However, we know that life sometimes gets in the way of keeping your floors beautiful. That is why at Super Steamer we specialize in everything floors. We clean them, we install them, we dry them and today we are going to talk to you about how we repair them. At Super Steamer we have a CFI Certified installer on staff. That means you can trust us to do your flooring repair the right way the first time. We are so confident in our ability that we have a 100% lifetime warranty on our repairs.

So what types of floors can we repair? We can repair all types of flooring. If your carpet is waving at you like the queen in your homecoming parade we can power stretch it (power stretching is even more effective than using our huge biceps). Did your wife throw a bowling ball at you and break the ceramic tile floor? No big deal we can refer a couples counselor, and save that kitchen floor while you work on your marriage. Did Junior put a scratch in your hardwood floors when bringing in the beer pong table for his latest party? We’ve got you covered. Did Dozer your chihuahua/poodle mix think that berber snag was a dog toy and pull it across the room? Again, don’t fret, just let us find a phone booth to change in and we will come save the day, and your floor’s life!