Carpet Installation, Cleaning and Repair in Wayne County, MI

For comfort and style, carpet is still the most popular flooring style in Woodhaven, MI. Take advantage of the expertise of locally-owned and operated flooring installation specialist Super Steamer Flooring to get quality carpet installation from CFI certified installers in your home or commercial building.

Making the Right Carpet Choice

There are so many types of carpet that it’s hard to make an informed choice. In your home, you take into consideration your traffic and how that will affect carpet wear. For play areas, look into Frieze carpeting. You get long soft fibers perfect for floor play and hiding stains. Berber has a reputation for durability and stain resistance, but is not recommended for pets.

For commercial projects, durable low-pile options that make maintenance easy are available. Carpet tiles make repairing damaged sections a breeze.

Carpet Maintenance

It’s important to have an IICRC-certified professional clean the carpet in your home or business. Be confident that our equipment and methodology are meant to extend the life of your carpet. We use the latest technology in carpet cleaning to make maintenance possible no matter how many floors your building has.

Contact Super Steamer Flooring for carpet installation, maintenance and repair for your home or office. Speak to our friendly service representatives to schedule your yearly maintenance appointments.